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Safety considerations

folder SDS sheets for Wilmar AgServices liquid fertiliser range are available online or from the Wilmar BioEthanol Distillery main office or the Oonooie Facility. Refer to these documents for recommendations on safe handling and first aid of liquid fertilisers.

It is recommended that gloves and safety glasses are worn when handling liquid fertilisers to avoid contact with the skin. However, in the event of spilling or splashing liquid fertilisers onto the skin, it is important to wash off the affected area thoroughly with water. It is mandatory for all people to wear closed in shoes, long trousers, a long sleeve shirt, high visibility vest (provided) and safety glasses whilst on the Oonooie site. Smoking is not permitted on any Wilmar BioEthanol site.

All Wilmar BioEthanol employees and Wilmar BioEthanol Contractors are inducted at the Oonooie Facility by the Oonooie Process Coordinator utilising the Wilmar BioEthanol Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Induction Manual. This occurs annually for contractors and biannually for employees.

Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded here

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