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Wilmar Bioethanol AgServices utilises 19 key contractors for the distribution of our liquid fertiliser range. Wilmar Bioethanol AgServices continues to work closely with its contractors and grower customers to develop processes for accurately delivering BioDunder® based fertiliser products directly to the crops. Over the years, specialty applicators have been developed to accurately apply product while minimising soil compaction.

All of Wilmar Bioethanol AgServices application contractors vehicles are fitted with flow rate controlled GPS guided equipment. These state of the art guidance controllers manage, record and map the actual fertiliser application. These application maps are being made available to the grower to include in their nutrition management plans. The GPS guided application ensures accurate placement of liquid fertiliser across the field, based on target maps provided by the grower or their agronomic consultant.

BioDunder® liquid fertilisers can also be applied through unique means, such as through centre pivot irrigators and through trickle irrigation.

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